Bite-Size Arabic
Learn to Read and Write Arabic Using the Tiniest Bit of Vocabulary and Grammar
portrait of Dr. Leston Chandler BuellDr. Leston Chandler Buell
(photo: Eduard Lampe)

Known simply as Dr. Bulbul to his Arabic students, Leston Chandler Buell is an American teacher, translator, and language aficionado based in Amsterdam. At the age of 19, his determination to learn Arabic took him to Egypt, where he lived for ten years. He has taught Arabic courses for Northwestern University and UCLA. Visit Dr. Bulbul’s Arabic, his blog with articles, links, and tips for learners of Arabic.

As a theoretical linguist with a Ph.D. from UCLA, Dr. Bulbul has conducted extensive fieldwork on Zulu and other African languages. When he is not teaching or translating, you will most likely find him line-dancing, cooking Indian dishes, or speaking Esperanto with friends.