Bite-Size Arabic
Learn to Read and Write Arabic Using the Tiniest Bit of Vocabulary and Grammar

Ever thought about learning Arabic but been afraid to tackle a new writing system? Have previous attempts overwhelmed you with too much vocabulary and grammar while you were still struggling with the alphabet? There is hope!

Bite-Size Arabic is a new textbook for absolute beginners designed for both independent learners and traditional language courses. It takes a minimal approach by introducing the alphabet gradually, with just a few letters per lesson. As you learn new letters, you also learn just enough vocabulary and grammar to put them into practice, with an eye to getting you through to the end of the course and mastering the Arabic writing system.

A few reasons this is the best book to start with if you want to learn Arabic:

  • Lots of easy exercises with answer keys.
  • Just click to listen on the free companion website.
  • You are reading complete sentences in Arabic right from the second lesson.
  • The focus is on informal Standard Arabic, the ideal basis for learning any variety of Arabic.
  • A total vocabulary of fewer than 140 words lets you focus on learning the writing system.
  • Everything is explained in easy-to-understand language.
  • Handwritten examples help you practice writing.
  • Big, easy-to-read Arabic print is used, with ample transcription for pronunciation.

Bite-Size Arabic has been included as one of the five best books in Tutorful's 2018 Expert Guide to Learning Arabic.

Bite-Size Arabic book cover